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Interpretation 23

The consultant who has "turned" this cup must be prepared for delays, and must not expect real happiness until rather late in life, this being shown by the bonnet and strings on the side of the cup.

The small symbol of birds on a perch gives further evidence that having to wait is a feature of the consultant's lot. The rock and pipe beyond show some dismay with regard to a dear friend.

The large spray of mistletoe and holly at the bottom of the cup, with the letters "F" and "L" in conjunction, implies that some event of importance to the consultant, in connection with persons whose names begin with these initial letters, will occur in the winter. If the cup has been "turned" during the autumn or winter, probably a year will pass before the event takes place, as the mistletoe indicates delay. But this consultant is prepared to hear the truth, and faces it calmly, even if it is a little unpleasant; the symbol of the woman looking into the glass brings this fact to light.

The child playing with its toys foreshows future pleasant plans which will result in tranquility and satisfaction.

Principal Symbols
On sides
Bonnet and strings.
Birds on perch.
Pieces of rock.
A pipe.

On circle
Child with toys.

Large sprays of mistletoe and holly.
Letters "F" and "L."
Figure of woman looking in glass.

Interpretation #24

This cup was "turned" by a well-known authoress. Its sinister appearance is accounted for by the fact that at the time of "turning" the cup, she was arranging mentally a murder plot for the book she was then writing.

The symbols speak for themselves and need no explanation.

It is a most interesting specimen, as being absolutely unique.

Principal Symbols
On side overlapping circle
Tail and hindquarters of rat, with head in a hole.
Monster with a man's head and bear's paws.

On side
Dead fish beyond.

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